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Early 90s Old School Rave Nostalgia

Couldn't resist it!

readers comments
Any of us who were there at the time probably have the same feeling - we got away with it!

The best years of my life were filled with socialising with people I would have never expected to meet if it wasn't for the music we all loved. And how far would we travel for it!

Featured in this section are some of the collated momentoes I am left with after the people I knew then have long since parted company (please drop me a line if you are reading this!) As the memories fade so do the flyers and the tapes. I have immortalised only the most important ones from my experiences of the
early nineties rave scene, and hope that some of them stir memories in you too.
Some classics, and some very underground events! Were you there...? Memoirs of a free raver... 1991 was never this good! Written by my good friend Tim Knight. A small collection of memories of free raves and the first big pay parties... Have a giggle at the scandal caused 20 years ago, and maybe spot yourself!
Keeping the faith... You know the score...

In 2 Deep - a deep house mix tapeon aldissandmore.com
Spiral Tribe on MySpace, with some great video footage
PartyVibe.com - lots of old school mp3 mixes and a n active forum for party people past and present
Photos from the Fantazia event that I rigged and operated the lighting for with Shanks from Acidica

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