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Old School Rave - what you had to say!

Thanks so much to those of you who have dropped me a line. Here are some of the wonderful and interesting comments I have received:


I'm searching for a secluded spot to hold my birthday party, it will be an intimate affair of just 10.

I was wondering if you know of any such spots across the UK to set up a large tent and party the weekend away without being bothered by the outside world?

Yours hopefully,


i only use this email address for a laugh you understand.

im really enjoying reading your diaries , we probably met at some point , i knew mitch well , and ness , the blind girl ! .

anyway i thought i might bring you attention to myspace.com/spiraltribe

some of us old timers are collecting memories and stuff .

ive put a link to your pages.

you may find some things of interest there ?

Not an enquiry as such, just a quick note to show my appreciation of your long and detailed analysis of the raves you attended, in particular Castlemorton and DIY NYE 1992. I attended both these events, Castlemorton because I came from Malvern anyway so couldn't resist going back to my home town from Bristol (where I was living at the time) to soak up the atmosphere and get into the party Spirit and NYE because I'll never forget that night either. I had tickets to go to Fantasia whilst some other mates were going to DIY. As you know the fog was stupid and ended up writing off my car at Chievely services where I was to meet up with two other friends to collect the Fantazia tickets and get off from there. After walking to the services following the crash, pissed off and cold and the mate with the tickets not turning up, I mentioned to the other guy about the DIY party up the road so we jumped in his car, found it, and freaked out all my friends from Malvern who were t!

here off their faces suddenly seeing me thing I was elsewhere! What an awesome night and I truly can't believe it was really 13 years ago! Seems like yesterday.
Anyway, felt I had to drop you a line, I'm just surprised you are able to recount all these nights in so much detail! Makes me want to get out and do it again.



Found your piece on free parties and thought you might appreciate a link to some sets from Forest Hill in 1991...




http://www.loftsites.co.uk/old_school_rave/diaries/bath_new_years_eve.html thats a quality read mate

i was looking for some old flyers on the net for my website and came across this link on google



they was great partys did you go to leachlade party that was bangin 2
I am looking for a sond by I think is Chip E. I can only remember.....

"Once apon a time I fell in love but I was a fool, I had enough, had enough"

I've looked for it freestyle and house music. I was played alot on WBMX 102.7 back in the 80's

Please help me .....

Thank you

Hello Tim i was at most of the free party's in 92 you have on your site. But for me 91 was my year Devizes was are first free party we had been to .which inspired the South Wales scene to have there own outdoor raves THE MEANING OF LIFE all arond south and mid Wales fucking legendary.The main DJ S BEING lOMAZ jammo Jez the TICK TOCK CREW from Swansea.I dnt know if you knew any of the Swansea crew?If you did have you got any footage of any of the free partys in the summer of 91 if you have would love to see any.FRROM MOSS FATHER OF 3 BORING AS FUCK EX CHEESY QUAVER RAVE ON!!!
Oi Oi....

I was there, in fact I was the DJ on the Decks at the time old bill came in and busted it..!

I even remember the tune I was playin as it was my first track; it was on TZ Records, a Secret Sub Label to R&S Records..

It starts off with a menacing baseline then the vocals dropt saying: „WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER‰ which was around the same time at the Old Bill came in and busted it.
Chasing after Ravers who had dropped everything and were running in all directions∑

They were fun times∑!!!

Nice Site∑∑.Laters∑∑Aztek (X Spiral DJ)

Just read your article and it brought loads of memories about that night! Especially the tree.

I just wondered if you still had the tapes from that night, or infact any of the early DiY sets. I lost all of mine when my car was broken into last year and I have been frantically searching for them all again.

If you would consider copying and selling me replacements then please get in touch.

Hope to hear from you,



I was at Castlemorton as well and in the same state as yourself.You have the dates wrong. It was the last bank holiday in May.The Sunday was the 24th.I know this as it was my birthday and one I shall never forget off my head in a beautiful setting with my mates.

I do remember someone firing a firework in the direction of a police helicopter and the police and media really going mad about it afterwards.
Enjoyed reading your pages.Brought back some great memories.

yeah i was just wondering if you remember a old rave tune called eat em up yum yum it is doing my head in

I am researching pictures from the late 80s Rave scene - 1987-1989

Can you possibly help with the following?

We need flyers/posters for:

The Hacienda
Any Warehouse Rave
The 'M25' illegal Raves

Also would you know of any Photographers who might have shots of the Police breaking up Raves/Warehouse parties?

Ian Whent

Picture Researcher
Q Magazine

Hi there,

I'm a picture editor at The Observer - we're doing a piece on Castlemorton in our music Monthly magazine and i was just wondering where you got the pictures on your website - if you could let me know i'd be very grateful!


greetings Tim,

noticed your site through.... a camper conversion link somewhere.... then noted the kili climb for charity (congrats and cheers).... then noted the big chill festival....

we might have a few things in common.

I run a Kili climbing outfit (www.tusker.com). we do a ton of charity climbs, and donate a ton to Amani home. you may have run into some Tusker folk while in TZ.

recently have become keen on camper converting our truck cheaply... and would be most keen on it for use at Burningman.

have you been to burningman? www.burningman.com

something tells me you may have (although no pics on your site), and if I'm wrong... something else is likely to tell me that you should check it out, bone up on some flights to Nevada and participate.

I've been to the burn 5 diff years now. It's not the big chill, but it certainly has that aspect in places.

needless to say I might have a few resources to share with you if B-man raises your brow.

my wife and I live close by (about 4 hours drive), if you decide to Burn and need a landing/take off pad here in Nevada and we've got room, you're welcome to stop through, even if only to share a beer and/or a dunk in Lake Tahoe.


Hi There

I am looking for the following tracks, if you have any is it possible to send them as mp3s, I will pay the same price per track

Denise Lopez - Dont You Wanna Be Mine (C&C Vocal Club)

Bomb The Bass - You See Me In 3D

Siedah Garrett - K.I.S.S.I.N.G (accappella)

That Kid Chris - Keep On Pressin On (Didn't Show You Luv Mix)

Lil' Louis - Club Lonely (Bellbottoms & Platforms Mix) (FFRR)

Megatonk - Belgium (Nintendotone Mix)

Clubland - (Im Under) Love Strain (Lost in the Jungle mix)

Nush - Nush (Original Mix)
Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams (Hibrid Remix)

M17 - Rockin Down The House (Chop Mix)

Dice Man - Quad (Spookys Magi Mix)

Kind Regards

A nice site with heart felt attachments to the time of all times, give it time and we will come again waving fractals, flyers and mix tapes with fond memories.knew the score, now waiting for the re opening of the door

Just a quick note to say I like your page about the parties in 91/92

Your stories sound exactly like mine. I went to most of the parties you detail including Chobham and Castle Morton and two at forest hill in 91.

They were great, its a shame kids don't have the same opportunities today. Some of my friends are still doing it in Somerset but they are more like private parties nowadays.

Thanks for taking me back.


just wanted to say nice one for sharing the memories.I did all the Oxford free rave and Bristol etc and its certainly memories never foggoten.Chipping Sodbury.Red and Blacks my were my faves pehaps.May the Force stay with you my friend.

What fun it was.Fun doesnt cut it my friend.It was un-fucking beleivable.We were there.You know the score...............ah


Just found your site and loved your pics of the Big Chill 05 which I was at last year (but like a plum didnt take a camera). Im building a music web site at the moment and wanted to use a couple of nice BC pics as a background.

Would you mind if I used a couple of your pics (I was thinking of that walking lobster and maybe one pic of the Sanctuary tent).

In the true spirit of sharing Im happy to send you some mixes or mp3s of my stuff if youre at all interested.

Many thanks,

Will B

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