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Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity - Amani Kids home Tanzania

Charity Kilimanjaro climb for kids For a webcam update click here.
***update*** September 2007

A new team of Spannerworkers are boldly going where I have before in a renewed push to raise money for the kids at Amani Kids Home, and for the experience of a lifetime.

Read all about their plans and dig deep and sponsor them through their dedicated website - http://www.thekiliclimb.co.uk/

September 2005

Well here I am back at my desk again! What a trip! What we have seen! Such emotional memories! Such dreams! What firm bonds - what distant friends. What a life we lead - what hardships we've learned. Our experiences are slowly weaving into the fabric of our existences.

We've all found the experienced of our trip hard to fathom. We witnessed such contrasts between the hardness of the mountain climb and the way we worked together to conquer it's summit; the luxury of our five star hotel and the simple lifestyles of the Tanzania people; the horrors experience by the orphans at Amani and our desk based existence at home.

As a group we've spent several occasions trying to piece together the memories eroded by high altitude! We cling to eachother like the rocks of the mountain itself to maintain the memories of such an experience. We feel like we've had such a vivid dream with each of us playing such a key role in it's twisting plot!

Spannerworks Kilimanjaro Amani Kids crew

And now we're back at our desks trying to work out what it all means! There's no doubt we all agree that the kids have made a huge impact on us. Our 2 million shillings raised so far should go some way to help them build their new home. We all have desires to go back out to Tanzania and see the new home completed. Some of us are more fortunate (and more single) than others and are vowing to work at the home at some time.

Tanzania is a beautiful place. The people so soft and gentle. Our porters showed us this much. And that they are a strong race.

Thankyou to those of us that have sponsored us. Sponsorship continues in earnest - and if you haven't yet it's not too late to sponsor us, here.

the sahara beneath us

the sahara beneath us

Nairobi skyscapes

Nairobi skyscapes

packing the bus the transfer

Felix loads the roof

Nairobi civilian transport

a bashed bus

en route

the Nairobi - Arusha road

tanzania here we come

markets en route

border towns

pit stop

beautiful bourgainvillea

it's out there somewhere

plane trees

endless skylines

endless roads

morale is high on board

as is the odd doze

our hotel in Moshi!

pool hacky sack!

the view to Kili

lurking in the clouds

intrepid adventureres!


contrasting luxury

Kili awaits
DAY ONE - Machame Gate to Machame Camp (1800m to 3100m)

getting set at the hotel

innocent smiles en route

the foothills are lush

the roads disintegrate

signing our lives away

ready at Machame Gate

...and they're off

to a slow start

jungle mayhem

impatiens Kilimanjari

here come the clouds

the cloud forest

beautiful jungle

eery trees

lush greens

cool streams

huge delphiniums

Maddy tests the water

Charlotte dives in!

out of the rain forest

first view of the summit



our illustrious leader!

the team after day one

Machame camp night one

Kibo beckons

the sunset

quick sun down

night time fun

cold nights...

and clear skies
DAY TWO - Machame Camp to Shira New Camp (3100m to 3850m)

the view back down

well above the clouds

beautiful morning

photo opp

what a view!

porters on the path

here come the clouds

Laurence on the trail

tents waiting at Shira

our crew

an afternoon stroll

Shira Plateau

awesome views

me and Laurence

pale and proud

volcanic plateau

hacky sack with Hamis

African stylee

view from the tent

amazing sunset

positively volcanic

silhouetted porters

sun catches the peak


last light
DAY THREE - Shira New Camp to Barranco Camp (3850m to 3900m)

a frosty start

the last of the greenery

pause for a pee!


the Lava Tower looms

me again

Raymond Richards

Maddy on the Tower

view West

swirling cloud

Godenough the guide

view to the rucksacks

and on again

back to Lava Tower

and on again

down to Barranco camp
DAY FOUR - Barranco Camp to Karranga Valley (3900m to 3900m)

frozen washing water

in the shadow of Kibo

the path up the wall

porters dot the path

frozen streams

Senecia line the valley

atop the Barranco wall

an afternoon stroll

puffa boy

nearly on top of the world

Kibo at sun down

beautiful night skies
DAY FIVE - Karranga Valley to Barafu Huts (3900m to 4600m)

high above the clouds

weiry climbers

awesome views

Plum at Barafu

chilling in the tents

view across The Sadlle

The Saddle at dusk

foreboding landscape
DAY SIX - Barafu Huts to Uhuru Peak and down to Mweka Camp (4600m to 5895m and down to 3100m)

first light on summit day

view across Mawenzi

view back down the trail

Mawenzi rises

Rebmann glacier appears

last push to the rim

Plum heads for Uhuru

Laurence nears the peak

the summit!!

Ray passes out!

hacky on top of the world

we all made it!

the crater

glaciers abound

...and creak

around the rim

blinding light

Saddle from the summit

glaciers and clouds

our descent back to camp

DAY SEVEN - Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate (3100m to 1900m) and back to Moshi

our porters await tips

a special morning

Ray dishes it out

eager faces

Tom, Philip & Godenough

back through rainforest

here comes Plum

lushous greens

beautiful vistas

melting trees

the team returns

view of Moshi

Mweka Gate at last!


relief all round!

stark contrasts
DAY EIGHT - Amani Kids field day

the luxury of the hotel

fresh faced

visiting the kids home

a humbling experience

such basic facilities

Kanuti wears my shades

another new friend

the sports day starts

acrobatics all round

time for a break

soda for all!

momentary tranquility

the fun starts again

lots of posing time

all involved

what's next?

Charlotte's friends

presentations and thanks

the crowd assembles

aren't we great

Ray, Sejal & Layla

more fun and games

so much energy!

eager waiting



'Amani' watches on

Plum chances her luck

too late!

Ray & Arj of the jungle

water bombs

Spannerworks crew

let the posing commence

my gold certificate!

Apologies to those of you who were expecting to see the live stream from my PDA. There were 2 reasons that this didn't work, both of which are O2's fault! Firstly although I eventually managed to find out that O2 provide roaming GPRS in Tanzania via Vodacom they do not automatically re-route data but you have to retrieve the GPRS log in details from Vodacom yourself and you need to be a Vodacom user to do this! So no cigar there... The second point was that none of my charging options worked. The hand charger and the 2 solar chargers I bought were not compatible with the XDA IIs, so even if I managed to get the GPRS working there was no way of maintaining a charge to the PDA. Once again apologies for assuming that O2 had stepped so fully into the 21st century!

March 2005

Call me mad but I'm on board for a charity climb of Kilimanjaro for a Tanzanian childrens home - Amani Home for Street Children. I'm doing it with other members of the Spannerworks team with whom we have afiliations with the childrens home thanks to our MD Arjo and his wife who originates from tanzania.

The route we are ude to take is the Machame Route, 'one of the most beautiful and less-utilised routes up the mountain'... it still looks pretty hardcore to me!

We've had a fitness test and we all fall into different health categories at this stage! I was amazed to see that my cycling to work has stood me in good cardiovascular fitness. My high blood pressure my be an issue for which i need to seek further medical advice (although I think I have persuaded by good friend Doctor Duckitt to come with us!!)

Some of the views look spectacular... here are some of the photos I have found with links to appropriate sites:

Even more spectacular are some of the journals that people have written describing their experience of the trip... The journal here is one of the best i have read: http://mysite.verizon.net/grfiv/Personal/

"...fewer than 50% of those who attempt the climb actually make it to the summit..."

"...The stars were bright and in fantastic profusion. I need to research this more because Orion was not what I expected to see south of the equator, but see him I did, and beautifully displayed against a Milky Way as prominent as I have ever seen it, aside from the deck of a boat at sea..."

"...'Weary' is a condition of the whole body and the mind. It is not directly related to muscle fatigue and, in fact, my muscles didn't hurt in the least. But crawling into my sleeping bag was all I could accomplish after dinner..."

"...THEN we turned the corner over the ridgeline to the right and WHAM! Out across the huge, wide expanse of the Shira Plateau loomed snow-capped Kibo. A vast, broad, fabulous vista. This is one of the reasons we came here - you simply can't get anything like this staying at home, folks. Ya gotta get outdoors and pay your dues..."


So far I have raised £900

About our charity: Amani Kids Home

Amani Children's Home is dedicated to the protection of Tanzania’s most vulnerable population: street-children and AIDS orphans.

Since its founding by local Tanzanians in 2001, Amani Children's Home has rescued over 150 children from the perils of life on the streets, where children face a high risk of HIV transmission and malnutrition.

Just £80 will send one Amani child to school for an entire year - including school fees, uniform, lunch, after-school extra help and supplies

My personal message:

Thank you very much for visiting my Amani Kids Home fundraising page.

I'll be completing the Kilimanjaro Climb in aid of this very worthwhile cause. Every extra pound you feel able to pledge will go a long way to providing additional comfort and much needed support to those very vulnerable Tanzanian children.

Donating through this site is simple and fast and goes straight into my own Paypal account. Please note that you will need to sign up via a very simple web form to Paypal if you do not already have an account. Alternatively you can fill in the form below to make your pledge.

So please sponsor me now! and remember.... the more you pledge the more you help!

The kids, the carers at Amani Childrens Home and I, thank YOU for your support.

Display Name Date Type Amount  Comment
C & R Sheridan 04/06/2005 Donation £50.00 Good luck Tim, see you at the top! 
R Bellinghall 04/06/2005 Donation £5.00
J & M Keck 04/06/2005 Donation £25.00
F & S Bellinghall 04/06/2005 Donation £25.00
A Bellinghall 04/06/2005 Donation £20.00
A Neville 04/06/2005 Donation £20.00
J & L Driver 04/06/2005 Donation £50.00
L & J Ray 04/06/2005 Donation £40.00
Rich & Emma 04/06/2005 Donation £20.00
Guy & Laura 04/06/2005 Donation £5.00
Judith Bell 21/06/05 Donation £10.00
Betsy Bell 21/06/05 Donation £10.00
James & Sam 09/07/05 Donation £20.00

Total raised online: £0.00
Amount raised offline: £900.00
Grand Total: £900.00

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