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VW LT Camper Conversion

Here is my rather poor attempt at helping those you you thinking of converting your own campervan, to visualise some of the things that you can expect to deal with on this wonderful journey. The task is frought with all sorts of headaches and heartaches but is so ultimately rewrading.

One key point to remembering when converting your own campervan... the law is still very relaxed about safety, and you should always get the van checked over by professionals if you have any doubt in your abilities.

My recent project is my VW LT35 which has the most detail on this page, but there are also some photos of my Hamomag Henschel (Mercedes) 608.

We've also been on the hunt for a fixed bed high top campervan, and have enjoyed the process of importing a LHD VW Westfalia Florida. Happy reading! :)

...the project... my Volkswagen LT35 campervan conversion and Archiemobile - she's N150 AWE some!

April 2004

Bought from Scraptoft's Garagre in Leicester

The view from the back door at home. Day one.

Formerly a glaziers van, all the racking
must come out

Body work was in really good nick under
all the crap

Bulkhead was angle grinded out with ease, but to the
chagrin of the neighbours!

Cleaning up the jagged edges

Fitting the caravan windows in the rear

Fitting the water tanks under the drivers side front

May 2004

Awe getting her windows fitted at Dave's in Eastbourne

The donor van

Richard Tickles van in Eastbourne

The interior structure starts to take shape

Good space for a workshop!

Lino down and fridge vents in

Fridge in, cooker waiting

Dreaded rockwool and wiring

A mix of 18 and 12mm ply

Testing cut ply for fitting

As much ply is carbonded to ribs where

Water and gas prep. This is the shower room space

Mini Heki is great for light and ventilation

June 2004

Our lovely SMEV cooker waiting for a home

Impromptu wine rack idea! Wiring and plumbing looming!

Sink/gas cabinet and access way

Cooker and sink into IKEA worktop

Lovely grain in the triple varnished 18mm ply

Flush set doors are a fiddle, but look great

July 2004

PMS unit mounted, carpeting begun, lockers ready

The proud owner!
(I'm sure that roofrack will be good for something!)

Feb 2005

A lot has happened since July - notably the early arrival of our little Archie. Plans got changed and we are yet to get away in AWE. After a cracking start on the conversion a more sedate progress is now to be had, mainly just at weekends.

...and you can click on the following for bigger images...

Evening seating

Evening dining

Bed laid

View out the rear

all pipework now water tight
and waiting to be concealed
behind a false wall

I thought I'd measured up the
outlet for the shower tray but
this task was not without it's problems
proof that an Elegance mixer tap will fit into a Contessa tip up sink
(there's one last photo to come of the completed installation)

adjustments to the front of the
kitchen to allow for undersink storage

May 2005
First bank holiday weekend and our first proper trip out in AWE. First night me made it 9 miles from home to a farm campsite and promptly got stuck in the mud before being towed out by a Landie! Second night we made it to a nice campsite near Bosham and Chichester, and guess what - we got stuck in the mud again! (we're buying grip track the next time we see it!)

Second bank holiday was more adventurous. We made it as far as Portchester after work on Friday night, just inland from Portsmouth and with a good view of the Spinnacre Tower through the trees. Lovely spot. Second night was supposed to be in the New Forest but it was full! We drove on bravely to Swanage and stayed on a newish site for £15 a night for 2 nights only to find we were just a few miles away from being able to camp for free at Studland near Poole. Bummer.

June 2005
...full story and piccies from our French trip in our self build VW LT campervan here... 1500 glorious miles touring France! No problems with the van, but we were stupid enough to run out of diesel!!

July 2005
The shower room had a makeover to get rid of most of the nasty vinyl walling, with new replacement faced 3mm ply from O'Leary's.

We're now ready to do what we wanted to do last year... and in fact the reason why we decided to buy the van in the first place...


A classic traveller wagon converted for a 5 month drive round Europe. My second conversion, and from scratch. A great base vehicle, first of 2 owned. Our spell of luxury in this classic modern high top conversion. The best of all worlds! Sits 6, sleeps 4, and has a shower!
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