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5th September

Hello there, and effaresto to Clive Youla and Jason for hosting such a wonderful olympic games... it has been a pleasant distraction or us over the last two weeks!

Speaking of weeks, Archie is 33 weeks corrected gestational age today! This week has seen him sailing through his eye test with full colours, and in a surprisingly timely manner has started to use his eyes a lot more. We really do get the feel now that he knows who his mummy and daddy are.

The week has been a mixed one though, with two big surgeons doing a rectal biopsy on him on Thursday (although he did manage to poo on them!) The results are back tomorrow, but in the interim he has been getting rectal washouts (did u want to know that?!) which have made him much more regular. His tummy remains large though...

He came off his ventilator on Friday afternoon, and amazingly we have been having lovely cuddles with him all weekend! The new photos on his web page are wonderful trophies of a very special time. He has also managed to start sucking a special dummy, and he has even been introduced to mummy's breast, although he is too young to be able to suck!

So, as long as he doesn't succumb to another nasty illness, we are now looking forward, and we have even had talks about his coming home in as little as 4 weeks time, although it is more likely to be between then and eight weeks.

Your thoughts and prayers are working! Thankyou.

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