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26th September

Hello again! How time flies... Archie was 11 weeks old on Friday! And guess what - he celebrated by coming out of intensive care! Yippee!! 37 weeks corrected gestation Archie is now being called a 'term' baby, which means that we need to shift up a gear and get him ready to come out into the world!

This week also marked another milestone - Archie's first bath! ...about time I hear you cry, and yes, after 11 weeks he was getting a bit whiffy! Check out the new photos to see how he got on... He seemed to take to it like the proverbial duck...

The Mrs and I managed an early trip to IKEA on Saturday to get most of the rest of the kit for his room, and we had a special delivery when Clive and Rosemary came to stay at the beginning of the week - they brought Archie's crib. Now a family heirloom, he has got a lovely comfortable bed to sleep in when he finally comes home. Clive also built us a useful wardrobe into an alcove - thankyou so much for some wonderful wood work!

As for the mention of coming home... Well still no date, but Mum does have to think about trying to get in to see Archie more frequently in order to get him used to the breast more, so that is going to be a bit of a drain with things gearing up for Sheridan Designs at the same time. We may well have to start relying more on the bottle... And as for poor Archie...!!

There's one more hurdle for Archie on the horizon. On Tuesday morning he goes across town to the Royal Alexander hospital where a barium enema study is to be carried out on his poor little rectum! We are hoping to finally get an answer to the sluggish bowel problem which is still plaguing him. We are hoping for the best, but fear there may be some further treatment needed - possibly surgery... So, one last time folks - fingers crossed!!

Will keep you posted. Thanks for your kind words...
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