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25th October

Thankyou all, again for your lovely words and kind comments. We've felt so much support from everyone, it has been so much appreciated.

I write with promising news... No there is still no homecoming date, but it looks like when we go back in in the morning Archie will have at last progressed into the third and final room at Trevor Mann... Yippee! A great sign of progress in that he may now no longer need to be monitored, and, the nick name of the third room says it all, now only needs 'fattening up'!

We are still faced with a bit of a challenge as we need to establish breast or bottle feeding and maintained growth, and so we are planning for our second overnight stay on the ward next weekend. We tried this on Saturday just gone and when the inevitable knock came on the door of the spare room we stayed in at the ward Sarah leapt up from the sofa bed at midnight and 5 a.m. to manage to breast feed Archie on demand for a 24 hour run - excellent! Well done mummy!

So the light is very much evident at the end of the tunnel. I will be off work for a month at the end of this week, and if it means us moving onto the ward for a few days then so be it!

Just a few piccies this week, including one of good friends Robin and Bella visiting - Bella very bravely coming 2 weeks before her due date... The others are just so damn cute!!
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