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23rd August

Sorry to miss my update last night - bit of a busy weekend! We both managed to get out and let a few people congratulate us about Archie, at a do in Browns bar. We also spent a relaxing evening at cousins Craig and Mels - that was nice.

It's certainly better news than last week... Over the last two days Archie is the most healthy looking and active he has ever been, and today the dreaded xray came back showing that the nasty patch of liquid in his lazy bowel appears to have cleared. This is what the doctors have been waiting for, and they instantly started getting him back on mummies milk.

So it appears that we are out of the woods again now, and we find ourselves back where we were at the beginning, trying to wean him off the ventilator and build up his intake of milk until he is off the infused TPN nutrition and back on the CPAP breathing machine. His antibiotic courses all end tomorrow and there are no further signs in his blood tests or gases that show anything more could be on the horizon at the moment, so we are optimistic about the coming week.

He's also still managed to maintain his weight even just on the TPN... He's now 1.3kg!

On a slightly disappointing note mummy appears to have contracted mild tonsilitis! She was quick to get some penicillin, but in the mean time there is an awful lot of nappy changing ahead for daddy while mummy is instructed to sit and watch and read to the little lad!

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