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22nd December

Well here we are just 3 days before our first Christmas together as a family! Archie is now a bouncing 8.5+ lbs and seems to grow in front of us every time he has a stretch (which he does a lot of)!

Life at home has been fairly drama-free thank goodness, although initially Archie used to stop breathing during his feeds - the hue of his blueness being the sign as to whether we needed to blow into his face to revive him! All a bit scary, but resolved after a quick phone call to Clare at the Trevor Mann who suggested feeding him on his side so that he could swallow what he wanted as opposed to gravity taking effect - a great tip.

He has been an absolute joy - the only signs of prematurity are that he can be slightly more irritable of an evening - otherwise he is a gorgeous little boy. We have been slightly hindered in our normality be the fact that due to his history of what they call Chronic Lung Disease Archie should not be allowed any contact with other kids, or indeed anyone with a cold or flu.

We are however testing this over Christmas and finally introducing him to the rest of the family in Cheltenham and Oxford barring major upset at the last minute.

So it just remains for all 3 of us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and let's hope we all have a better 2005!

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