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21st September

Just a quick one this week to say that all is going well! Archie has been off his CPAP secondary breathing apparatus for 36 hours now and they are gearing him up to move him next door to room 2... The only problem is his tummy which is still sluggish. He is having twice daily washouts and regular massages, but they are going to have to do a barium enema study on him next week unless there are improvements from various new therapies this week, the first of which will be some reiki thanks to our friend and my work colleague Rifa (a reiki master!). They are also giving him some antibiotics which have the side effect of speeding up the bowel, so fingers crossed (and legs uncrossed) this should work before those nasty surgeons get their hands on him!

Sarah's birthday was a great treat and surprise. Thanks to all involved and for lovely pressies etc (photos of Ivan and Will in this weeks new updates on the web page)

This week Clive and Rosemary are visiting and there is also a photo featuring them in our growing family!

Will write in more detail this weekend. Thanks for your thoughts and wishes...
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