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19th October

Just a quick one this week as both Sarah and I are ill and don't feel like doing much. Of course being ill is tricky with Archie around as neither of us can go in to see him with bugs, so I had to survive, during the worst of my cold, not seeing Archie for 3 days, and now Sarah has to miss her rounds, so it's a particularly difficult time.

Equally difficult is the fact that yesterday, Monday, Archie was 100! Yup 100 days old and his first century, and when Sarah went in alone she of course burst into tears to see that Archie's bed was festooned with ribbons and a card was waiting from all the nurses. Uncannily Monday also coincided with Archie's due date... so it was a double for him!

We see the consultants and the health visitor at a special meeting tomorrow to discuss Archie's future. The longest stay on the Trevor Mann ward is 140 days, and to me that looks all too close when we have progressed little since leaving intensive care. I should be more optimistic as he has been putting on weight (he's now nearly 6lbs), and just this morning I had a wonderful communicative cuddle with him... I just don't want him to get used to those surroundings.

We'll update you again Sunday after our discussion tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in folks...

Btw the new pics are a special birthday pose with me looking awfully ill in all the pictures as it was my first visit after being bed ridden. They make a comic montage - none of them really any good - but check out Archie in the last one... It looks like he's given up posing and burst into laughter!!


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