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15th August

Not a good day! We arrived just before midday to find a screen up round Archie's bed. Our first assumption was that he had been moved because we could also see a ventilator by his bed. Unfortunately Archie had taken a turn for the worse, his little lungs were being squashed by his big tummy, and what with the Candida still being treated and milk having aspirated into his lungs giving him a touch of pneumonia he was ready to give up.

The doctors explained that he had had a really bad spell of desaturation and need suctioning a lot, and although stable they feared he may have further difficulties which the doctor kindly explained for us. It was all a bit too much for us and we have to leave to go to the parents room to get away.

When we felt brave enough to return Archie was indeed being intubated to be put back on the ventilator. The poor chap just wasn't strong enough to take deep enough breaths to expand his lungs enough to pump enough blood around and he needed help.

We left him this evening much more comfortable. The ventilator had blown his lungs back up to the capacity they should be at, and they were already starting to ween him off it. The xrays looked much better and they had transfused him again to make sure he was not depleted of O2 to give him the best chance of bouncing back.

They say 24/48 hours will be enough, but he needs to get the strength to do this on his own next time without assistance as it is bad news for him to rely on ventilation and new blood.

Anyway... The good points are that he is still putting on weight! He's now 1165 grams! And we do have some lovely new photos of him despite his set backs.

Fingers crossed for the morning.
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