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12th September

Another week's gone. Archie is now 9 weeks old and 35 weeks corrected gestational age. He's had another really good week and is still putting on weight and having good long sessions of his CPAP. He is however still having trouble with his tummy. The rectal washouts (oh!) have increased to every six hours and they are now trying to draw more air out of his tummy tube whenever they can. Unfortunately at the moment he is also bringing up bile from this same tube (I hope you're not eating dinner!).

The doctors are optimistic and are trying to ween him off his CPAP completely before they do any other studies on his tummy, as this is part of the problem - blowing air into his tummy as well as his lungs. We do however feel that this is a bit of a set back, and whereas at the beginning of the week it looked like there may have been a chance of him coming home early it now looks more like he may come home late... We'll see...

So a bit of a rough weekend all in all - Mummy having to fend for herself while daddy was off having a needed blow out on a staff weekend away - sorry Mummy, it won't happen again!

Archie's room is now ready for him, and although Mummy has been told that she should have (next Saturday the 18th's) birthday presents that are all about her, she is insisting that everything is Archie related (nudge nudge wink wink!)... so Mothercare vouchers, if there is such a thing, might be a good idea.

Just new piccies this week, but there are some really good ones! What a handsome young man!
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