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10th October

Once again time for an Archie update! All is well on the 14th floor - well, in Archie's corner at least. He now weighs in at just over 5 pounds!

The week has passed fairly uneventfully, which is a good thing on the Trevor Mann ward! Archie did seem to be having some problems at the beginning of the week with refluxing some aciddy milk which was giving him bradycardias and desaturations, meaning that he needed extra oxygen to revive him. This has now been reviewed, and a new drug called something like Dom Perignon seems to be doing the trick!

We are however a little disappointed at the mo. As well as the fact that the phase we are in seems interminably unbearable and increasingly hard for us to maintain our sanity, we decided we should ask the nurse who was originally assigned to Archie to give us an estimate of his departure date (I needed the info for arranging paternity leave from work). They have always been good at not raising expectations, but when she told us 4 to 6 weeks we were a little taken aback! I do have to say though that she hasn't cared for Archie for at least a month now and made this estimate based on a casual look at his chart and some comments from us, so I believe this was a 'worst case scenario' estimate. We're still rooting for a couple of weeks! Either way we will be celebrating his birthday soon!

I'm sure you've all read the stories about little Charlotte Wyatt the 11 month baby girl whose parents went to court to save their daughter... Well I have no comments on this as it must be the most impossible decision anyone can make, but it is strange to think that they were on the same ward in Portsmouth that we were for Archie's first week. There are of course so many other stories of personal heartache and grief around us. We witnessed one of them today. We are optimistic for the outcome however... We've made good friends of a couple who are still in intensive care with their little one Sebastian who today had to have an operation to have six inches of perforated bowel removed! The poor baby will have to put up with a bag for a bowel for the next six months. At least both the parents and the doctors believe this has cured his problems though, and we try and envisage a day when Archie and Sebastian will play together...

Some lovely new pics of lovely squashes and squeezes with Archie...
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