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8th November - Coming Home Day!!

We're home!! Yippee!!

What a day of it! Today was an emotional rollercoaster, let alone the last four months!

We woke early after a crap nights sleep in the parents flat at the hospital. Archie's last inspection went well and he was given the all clear by one of our favourite consultants Ryan. We then spent the next 7 hours waiting for various other discharge details to be finalised... He needed his last immunisation - RSV - an anti viral thing for babies who have suffered from 'chronic lung disease'... he needed the meds he has had to come home on to be brought up from the pharmacy - Ranitadine, Sytron and Abidec - anti-reflux, iron and vitamin supplements... And he needed to be hugged goodbye by all the nurses coz most of them were genuinely sad to see him (and us) go!! He also needed to say goodbye to the good friends he has made during his four month stay - Sebastian, Daniel, Sasha and Oliver to name but a few (and of course their parents!)

Check out the latest piccies from today. There are some lovely ones of the staff, and a grand finale of us returning home to Archie's own room, triumphant!

So that's all folks. Thankyou for tuning in. Thankyou for letting me vent my spleen, and thankyou again for all your support and kind words.

It is hard to sum up our stay in hospital. Right now I feel like none of it has helped us, and we sit here tonight in the same dazed, amazed and confused state that all new parents experience. I imagine we will block out our 119 days at the Trevor Mann ward fairly quickly and easily, as it was all about what went wrong, but we have been fortunate to see our little man grow from a very little man into a star performer, and can but hope that he wows us all in years to come. One things for sure - we will love him dearly, and will sure as heck show him off to you all whenever we can.
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