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8th August

Archie is one month old as of Friday gone, and he now weighs a kilo! Yup, it has been Dad's honour to bake a kilo cake, which although it turned out to be more like a biscuit-cake was greatly received by friends and nurses!

He is still responding well to the antibiotics he's been on for some time now for his candida, and is on a precautionary course for some cloudiness in his lungs in the last xray he had which is suspected pneumonia from aspirated milk... Treatable, and at present not serious...

So the roller coaster continues, but your love and thoughts are appreciated and heartfelt as always.

Attached are some new photos from today, not only of Archie and his beautiful lips and his chin - which we have just seen for the first time as it has always been covered in tape! - but also the view from his bedside window... If only he could see it!

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