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6th August

Apologies for the impersonal thankyou to you all, but THANKYOU TO YOU ALL!

What a lovely birthday! Spent with my gorgeous (if still developing) family. I've attached photos of little Archie taken yesterday which show him much more responsive, and with his eyes now quite wide open - although we are told that he can still only make out light and dark and movement.

I had a lovely relaxing massage thanks to vouchers from Jim and Les (ta!), tried to spend some book tokens on stories for Archie (thanks Wendy, Mark and the boys), and had a picnic on the beach with my strong darling Sarah, before diving in to a sushi restaurant and then watching the premiere of I, Robot (which is fab)... So a great day.

This morning we hope to find Archie off his ventilator, and although he still wasn't reacting well to the doctors or nurses handling he is much better than he was.

Oh yes, and the other attachment is a card from the little man himself which I just couldn't resist attaching... Yes that is a 1p coin! How small are those little foot prints!!

PS Dad - can you stick any Beatrix Potter books or anything else you think little Arch would like in the car when you come to stay pse?

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