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5th September

Hullo there, and greetings from balmy Brighton! We're just back from tucking in our little chap for another night up with the angels on the 14th floor. Poor Sarah is exhausted with her trade fair at Earls Court going on at the moment too. She says that most of those who know about Archie are surprised to see her there... She says it was emotionally hard... But the good news is that things are fairly positive down here.

For the last 5 weeks we have been in nursery one of three at Trevor Mann. Yesterday we arrived to be told we were moving into room two! It turns out that this was actually a short term measure due to the fact that Archie was deemed well enough to be moved out of the way while a woman on the 12th floor delivered quads, all of which needed a brief stay in the NICU! So anyway we really didn't think we'd be moving through that soon, but for a while we were pretty excited!!

I hope from the new photos you get the idea that he is progressing well - all the while getting bigger and stronger. All his tests have come back negative and he is off everything except mums milk, and caffeine (which helps the brain remember to breathe!)

We've been having lovely long cuddles. I held him for two hours today while Sarah was at the show. He's off his CPAP breathing machine for up to eight hours at a time now. It's giving us lovely opportunities to bond with him. The only problem is still his large tummy. He is keeping mum's milk down, and he has been pooing regularly, but they are going to do more exploratory tests to see what's going on down there... perhaps it's a good idea that he gets all this anal intrusion out the way while he is young!

Anyway, time to sign off. We're doing fine, if a little exhausted... Hell we're even starting to sound like parents!

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