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1st November

What a weekend! We checked in to the parents room at the Trevor Mann unit on Friday after work and stayed until Sunday morning. The plan was to convince the docs that Archie could feed on demand from breast or bottle, and that we were more than competent to give him meds and tlc whenever he needed it.

Friday night was interesting! When we got over the excitement of being alone with Archie in the room for the first time we were kept awake all night by the bonging of his monitor whenever he stretched or moved. It was so wonderful to hear his little breaths and grunts though. Sarah did most of the work, breastfeeding him at 12 and 5.

We stayed all day Saturday too, speaking with the good friends we have made on the ward now - parents and nurses. Archie seemed to feed really well - sporadically and varied amounts, but always from the breast.

Saturday night they decided he didn't need the monitor any more, much to our relief, although guess what - we couldn't sleep for fear of him stopping breathing! So daddy bravely stood in for mummy on a couple of occasions with bottles that night.

Poor Sarah reckons she got 4 hours sleep altogether over the weekend!

The result of our stay was fantastic however. Without gaviscon or fortifier in his milk, and feeding when he wanted it, Archie had little problem with his tummy or his bowels, and this morning when it came to his review it was decided that he should be allowed to come home!! Our last hurdle was confirmation that the radiologists didn't want to do one last contrast study of his bowels, and this came at 4 pm today, so we are now looking at Wednesday or Thursday as home coming day!!

Fantastic. Amazing... Scarey! Watch this space for confirmation...

Altogether now "Archie's coming home, he's coming - Archie's coming home..."
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